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Cold body

Cold shivering

Bl63 with inability to stand for long

Cold shivering with sweating

Aversion to cold in the back

Shivering and cold of the chest and back

Cold of hands and feet

Cold sensation of head

Cold sensation in half of the head

Cold of eyes

Cold nose

Cold sensation of throat

Cold sensation of neck

Cold sensation of upper back

Cold of back and shoulder

Cold of the shoulder

Cold of elbow and arm

Cold in lower part of body

Cold of lower abdomen

Cold around the umbilicus

Cold of lumbar spine and sacrum

Cold of sacrum and coccyx

Cold of the buttocks

Cold of the back and knees

Cold legs

Cold legs and feet

Cold of lower limbs

Cold of knee

Cold of knee and lower leg

Cold of lower leg and feet

Cold of shin

Cold of shins and feet

Inability to get warm despite much clothing

Cold bones and marrow

Cold in the stomach

Cold in the epigastrium

Cold in the intestines

Cold sensation of the head of the penis

Cold in the uterus