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Problems with or during pregnancy

Infertility due to blood stasis

Bleeding during pregnancy

Restless fetus syndrome


Difficult conception

Difficult labour

Prolonged labour

Pain of childbirth

Delayed labour


Post-partum dizziness

Post-partum pain in the umbilical region

Post-partum abdominal pain

Acute pain following childbirth

Post-partum disorders

Post-partum inability to speak

Persistent flow of lochia

Ceaseless and profuse sweating after childbirth

Retention of dead fetus

Retention of lochia

Retention of the placenta

Retention of urine in post-partum women

Abdominal distention in post-partum women

Inversion counterflow of the arms and legs following miscarriage


Breast milk does not flow

Difficult lactation

Scanty lactation

Insufficient lactation

Post-partum absence of lactation

Regarding the baby

Failure of the fontanelle to close in babies

Infantile diarrhea following breast-feeding

Vomiting of breast milk in infants