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Noseblood that doesn’t stop

Obstruction and congestion

Nasal obstruction

Nasal obstruction and discharge

Nasal congestion and discharge

Nasal obstruction accompanied by headache

 Nasal congestion and discharge

Stuffy nose


Nasal discharge

Constant nasal discharge with difficulty breathing

Clear nasal discharge

Clear and ceaseless nasal discharge

Copious nasal discharge

Copious clear nasal discharge

Incessant turbid nasal discharge

Profuse nasal discharge

Excessive nasal discharge in children

Yellow nasal discharge


Pain in the nose

Inability to distinguish the fragrant from the foul

Nasal sores

Nasal polyps

Dryness of the nose


Loss of sense of smell

Scorched foul odor in the nose

Swelling and pain of the tip of the nose

Pain and swelling of the external nose