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Biceps brachii




Biceps brachii - anterolateral view
Biceps brachii - anterior view

General information

  • This section is strictly limited to anatomy, you might be looking for clinical relevant information which is found under the clinical chapters -- muscles section, click here to go to that page


  • Superficial


  • Long-head
    • Tuberculum supraglenoidale of the scapula
  • Short-head
    • Proccesus coracoideus of the scapula


  • Tuberositas radii
  • Bicipital aponeurosis

Main function

  • Elbow
    • Flexion
    • Supination
  • Shoulder
    • Flexion

Secondary function

  • Shoulder
    • Abduction
    • Adduction

Nerve innervation

  • Segmental
    • C5-C6
  • Peripheral
    • Musculocutaneus

Arterial supply

  • Brachial artery
  • Anterior circumflex humeral artery


  • Patient position
    • Sitting or supine
    • Place one hand on the anterior aspect of the patient upper arm and palpate the biceps brachii
    • To contract the biceps:
      • Ask the patient to flex and supinate the elbow-joint while you palpate the contraction

Strength test, biceps og supinator

  • Patient position: Supine
  • The patient arm should be close to the side of the body to avoid and unnecessary shoulder movements
  • The elbow should also be bent to a 90° flexion angle
  • Put force towards the distal aspect of the forearm in the direction of pronation so that the patient is giving force in the direction of supination

Strength test, biceps og brachialis

  • Patient position: Supine or sitting
  • Place one hand on the backside of the elbow to stabilize the patient's arm
  • Place the elbow of the patient in a fully supinated position
  • Use the other hand to give force towards the lower part of the forearm of the patient in an extension direction so that the patient is giving force towards flexion of the elbow