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Gluteus minimus



General information

  • This section is strictly limited to anatomy, you might be looking for clinical relevant information which is found under the clinical chapters -- muscles section, click here to go to that page


  • Deep


  • External surface of the ilium between the anterior and inferior gluteal line


  • Trochanter major femur
    • Anterior surface

Main function

  • Hip
    • Abduction
    • Flexion
    • Medial rotation
    • Extension
    • Lateral rotation
  • Pelvis
    • Posterior tilt
    • Anterior tilt

Secondary function

  • Pelvis
    • Depression
    • Ipsilateral rotation
    • Contralateral rotation

Nerve innervation

  • Segmental
    • L4-S1
  • Peripheral
    • Superior gluteal nerve

Arterial supply

  • Superior gluteal artery


  • Patient position
    • Sidelying
  • Palpation of gluteus minimus is difficult since it is beneath the gluteus medius
  • Follow the palpation technique for gluteus medius
  • Palpate somewhat deeper to feel for the fibers of gluteus minimus, it can in some cases be felt when minimus is taught and medius is relaxed

Strength test

  • Patient position
    • Sidelying
  • Fixate the patient's pelvis with your one hand
  • Give resistance towards the distal and lateral aspect of the leg towards the ankle
  • The resistance is in an adduction direction so that the patient is giving force towards abduction