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Psoas minor



General information

  • This section is strictly limited to anatomy, you might be looking for clinical relevant information which is found under the clinical chapters -- muscles section, click here to go to that page
  • The muscle is often of less importance because it is only present in about 40% of the population
  • The muscle does not cross the hip joint, so the movements is not as noticable as the more functional psoas major
  • The muscle tenses the iliaca fascia


  • Deep


  • Vertebral bodies of Th12-L1
    • Anterolaterally along the medial sideof the body
    • The accompanying intervertebral discs


  • Fascia iliaca
  • Iliopectinal eminence

Main function

  • Trunk
    • Flexion
  • Pelvis
    • Posterior tilt

Nerve innervation

  • Segmental
    • L1
  • Peripheral
    • L1 spinal nerve

Arterial supply

  • Lumbar artery