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Bracing and spasticity

Emotional state

  • Feelings of helplessness
  • Apathy
  • Submission
  • Beginning stage of panic and crying

Function of stage

  • Making the body small, to not be noticed or perceived as a threat
  • Inability to protect oneself, attempting to be ignored

Muscle reactions in stage

  • Compression and spasticity begins
  • Chest locks in inspiration
  • Diaphragm locks in expiration
  • Person exhibits a loss of energy and doesn't show excitement
  • Muscles attaching to the spine constricts
  • Head is pulled back in extension
  • Constriction of throat and nasal tubes
  • Hands freeze in a pattern of extension and 'webbing' of fingers
  • The beginning of increased fragmentation with panic and crying responses

Muscles relevant to bracing and spasticity