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Deep ventral arm line

Deep front arm line

Place your body in a position which is stretching the desired line

Place the palm of the hand onto the surface which is behind your body, while you extend your elbow and retract your shoulder at the same time. Try to maintain a straight line from the shoulder to the thumb to get the most out of the stretched position.

While in the stretched position the aim is to create tension in these muscles, without moving out of the stretch

Press the thumb in towards the wall, while slightly bending the elbow and pushing the shoulder towards the front, so you are activating these muscles without too much movement

Hold this tension for 8 seconds

After the 8 seconds of tension, try to move further into the stretched position, by lifting the thumb away from the surface, extending the elbow, and pulling the shoulder backwards. Hold this position for 15 seconds.

Repeat the exercise until completion. Normally this is done with a total of 3 rounds of tension and stretching.