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Superficial ventral line


Side lying position

Knee standing - one side

Knee standing both sides

Standing - both sides

Standing one side

Superficial front line - lower focus

Place the body in a position which is stretching the desired line

Place the foot on the side you want to stretch behind you. Stretch out the ankle and place the upside of your toes down towards the ground, stretching the muscles of the front calf. Bend the upper part of your body slightly backwards

While in the stretched position the aim is to create tension in these muscles, without moving out of the stretch

Press the toes and ankle in a forward direction against the ground, creating tension along the front of the calf and thigh. Also tighten the stomach muscles and muscles in front of the neck by pushing in an upright position.

Hold the tension for 8 seconds

After the 8 seconds of tension, try to move further into the stretched position by extending your upper body backwards, as well as letting the foot slide further back while also stretching the front of the ankle and toes even more.

Hold this position for 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise until completion. Normally this is done with a total of 3 rounds of tension and stretching