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Lateral line


Pictures of the line

With quadratus lumborum

Consists of the following muscles and connective tissues

Additional functional muscles supporting the lateral line (not fascially connected)

Attaches To The Following Bones

  • Processus mastoideus, occipital ridge
  • 1st and 2nd ribs
  • Ribs
  • Crista iliaca, Spina iliaca anterior superior and spina iliaca posterior superior
  • Lateral condyle of tibia
  • Caput fibula
  • Base of 1st and 5th metatarsal bones

Function Of Line

  • Balances the front and back posturally
  • Balances left and right posturally
  • Fixes the trunk and legs in a coordinated manner to prevent buckling of structures during any activity with the arms
  • Creates a lateral bend in the body
  • Stabilizes the body during lateral and rotational movements of the trunk

Compensation Patterns Associated With The Line

  • Ankle pronation or supination
  • Ankle dorsiflexion limitation
  • Genu varus or valgus
  • Adduction restriction/chronic abductor contraction
  • Lumbar side-bend or lumbar compression
  • Rib cage shift on pelvis
  • Shortening of depth between sternum and sacrum
  • Shoulder restriction due to over-involvement with head stability

Clinical considerations

  • When the dynamic stability of the head via the sternocleidomastoideus and splenius capitis fails, the levator scapula or trapezius starts supporting the system to maintain balance
  • Restrictions within the lateral line towards the opposite side is usually restricted from the ipsilateral side. In other words, restriction in lateral flexion to the right is limited by the lateral line on the left side of the body

Function of line

  • Posturally balances front and back, and bilaterally to balance left and right
  • Fixes the trunk and legs in a coordinated manner to prevent buckling of the structure during any activities with the arms
  • Creates lateral bend in the body
  • Functions as an adjustable brake for lateral and rotational movements of the trunk

KID exercises

Lateral line


Lateral line - full lateral view
Lateral line - full posterior view
Lateral line - upper body posterior view
Lateral line - upper body anterior view
Lateral line - pelvis posterior view
Lateral line - pelvis lateral view
Lateral line - lower leg

Splenius capitis

Splenius capitis
Splenius capitis
Splenius capitis

Origin and insertion

Origin and insertion of splenius capitis


Sternocleidomastoideus - lateral

Origin and insertion

Anterior view
Posterior view

Lateral oblique

External oblique - lateral
External oblique - anterolateral

Origin and insertion

Lateral oblique origin and insertion

Gluteus maximus

Gluteus maximus
Gluteus maximus - lateral view
Gluteus maximus - anterior view

Origin and insertion

Gluteus maximus origin and insertion

Gluteus medius

Gluteus medius - posterolateral
Gluteus medius - anterior
Gluteus medius -lateral
Gluteus medius - posterior

Origin and insertion

Gluteus medius origin and insertion

Gluteus minimus

Gluteus minimus - lateral view
Gluteus minimus - posterior view
Gluteus minimus - anterior view

Origin and insertion

Gluteus minimus - origin and insertion

Peroneus/Fibularis longus and brevis

Fibularis longus - anterior view
Fibularis longus - lateral view
Fibularis longus - inferior view
Fibularis brevis - lateral view zoomed
Fibularis brevis - lateral view
Fibularis brevis - anterolateral view

Origin and insertion

Origin of fibularis longus
Insertion of Fibularis longus
Fibularis brevis origin and insertion